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FAQ — Searching in Product Research 2.0

How do I narrow, customize, or filter my Product Research 2.0 results?

There are four ways to narrow, customize, or filter the results that you receive in Product Research 2.0:

  • Select a date range. You can opt to view data only for a certain range of dates that you select, anywhere from one day to one year in duration, either the recent dates or dates in the past.  

  • Apply search filters. You can opt to view data only for certain UPC/ISBN/EAN/EPID codes, sale price ranges, listing formats, item conditions, buyer locations, seller locations, or eBay marketplaces.  

  • Search a particular category. You can opt to view only transactions that occurred in a particular eBay category.  

  • Use advanced search logic or exclusions. You can provide Terapeak with instructions for how keywords or phrases are to be interpreted and which results, if any, are to be excluded.  

Common reasons for using the four techniques above include searching—among other things—for sales that:

  • Involved only new items or only used items
  • Occurred during a particular season
  • Occurred in a particular category of interest
  • Involved goods that can be described using a variety of keywords
  • Involved buyers and sellers in a particular country
  • Fell within a particular price range
  • Used a particular eBay listing format
  • Match a particular industry-standard product identifier
  • Do not include a particular unwanted keyword

In general, date ranges, filters, and category searches are relatively easy to perform, while using advanced search logic and exclusions requires some training and experimentation. Read or watch the tutorials linked above to learn about each technique.

Can I search for a product identifier like UPC, ISBN, EPID, MPN, or EAN?

Yes. To search by product identifier, you must select the "Search titles and product identifiers" option in the Filters menu of the Product Research 2.0 tool. 


After applying your filtering choice, you can search by UPC, ISBN, EPID, MPN, or EAN by entering a product identifier in the search box and clicking "Search" to display matching results.

Can I save a search that I want to run again? If so, how?

Yes. Click the "save this search" icon, which looks like a floppy disk, to save a search that you have constructed so that you can run it again in the future.


After saving one or more searches, select "Research" -> "Saved Searches 2.0" from the navigation menu at the top of the Terapeak application in order to:

  • Re-run searches that you have previously saved
  • See updated weekly results for all your saved searches in one place
  • Have updated weekly results from your saved searches emailed to you
  • Delete saved searches that you no longer need

Your search filters, search period length, category selection, keywords, and other search parameters are stored with each saved search. 

How or where can I search three full years of sales data?

To search three years of data,* open the date range selector in Product Research 2.0 and do one of the following:

  • Click "3 Year" to select the entire most recent three-year period
  • Use the calendar to select a range of dates up to three years in the past


After making and applying your selection, your search results will automatically be updated to show transactions or listings for the period you selected.** 

* Note that not every Terapeak subscription includes access to three years of research data. To see whether your subscription includes three years of data, or to upgrade your subscription to include three years of data, visit your subscription management area.

** Note that for searches that match a very large number of results, only partial results are returned. To see complete results, narrow, customize, or filter your search to target a smaller group of listings or transactions. Refer to the question at the start of this FAQ page for details.

Can I search listing item descriptions using Terapeak?

No. At the present time, Product Research 2.0 does not include the ability to search item descriptions. There are several reasons for this limitation:

  • Data size — With 22 combined marketplaces and three years of data, Terapeak's database is already one of the largest in the e-commerce world, comprising some $230 billion in eBay listings and transactions. Item descriptions are often the largest part of any listing by storage size; storing and searching item descriptions would thus impose what are currently unrealistic computational requirements.

  • Search accuracy — Because sellers are free to include a wide variety of content in their item descriptions, including references to and descriptions of other products that they sell, adding item descriptions to Terapeak's search tools could lead to results of more limited accuracy than is generally useful to sellers.

There are currently no plans to add item description searches to Product Research 2.0.

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