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See Whether Your Sales are Increasing or Decreasing

Knowing whether your own sales are increasing or decreasing helps you to understand how well the decisions that you're making about listings, inventory, and strategy are playing out—so that you can make necessary adjustments and better choices.

ⓘ  See Whether Your Sales are Increasing or Decreasing

  1. Click "Dashboard" to view your MySales Dashboard. 

  2. Link your seller account to Terapeak by clicking on the "Seller Accounts" button in the upper right corner.  

  3. Once your seller account has been linked, select the "Trends" tab on your MySales Dashboard.  

  4. Optionally select a date range whose sales you would like to examine and/or select filtering options to narrow the data you'd like to examine.

  5. Use the drop-down at the upper-left of the chart to select a metric to evaluate.

  6. Study the chart to see whether your performance is improving or falling over time. Click "Compare Against Prior Period" to see charts for your selected date range and the previous period with the charts overlaid for comparison.


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