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See How Many Sellers Sell a Product

Knowing how many sellers currently sell a product can help you to understand:

  • How difficult it will be to successfully sell an item
  • How likely you are to be able to gain market share for your own listings
  • How high demand for the product likely is

Use Terapeak to find out how much competition exists to sell any product on eBay.

ⓘ  See How Much Competition There is To Sell a Product

  1. Visit sell.terapeak.com and log in to Terapeak.

  2. Click Research -> Product Research 2.0 to start the Product Research 2.0 tool.

  3. Enter basic search terms, such as a product make and model.

  4. Select a recent date range. 30 days is often the best choice to gauge recent competition.

  5. Apply search or category filters as needed to show only the desired results.

  6. Locate the "Number of Sellers" box on the right side of the page. This shows how many sellers have recently sold the item in question. 

  7. To learn more about these sellers click the "Sellers" tab, where you'll see key metrics, including average prices and overall sales volume, for the top-performing sellers.


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