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Exclude Terms, Use Wildcards, or Match Exact Phrases

For some kinds of research, targeting a very specific product or product variation is necessary. It can be helpful to be able to target sales data that:

  • Does not include certain products or variations that you don't want to see
  • Matches several variations of a keyword
  • Matches an exact phrase consisting of several words

Terapeak's search tool enables you to target searches very narrowly by excluding terms, using wildcards to search for multiple keyword variations, or matching phrases of several words.

Advanced Search Box Techniques

Use these techniques to achieve the highly targeted kinds of search results described above.

  • Use a minus (-) to exclude keywords. To exclude terms, precede them with "-" as you enter them. Example: 'iPhone Case -7 -plus'

  • Using an asterisk (*) to match keyword variations. To perform a wildcard search, enter the portion of a keyword that is identical across multiple variations, then include "*" in place of the parts of the keywords that vary. Example: 'seiko SRP*'

  • Use the words AND, OR, and parentheses to find combinations. To include results that include every one of several required terms, separate the terms with the uppercase word AND. To include results that have at least one of several required terms, include keywords in parentheses, with each separated by the uppercase word OR. Example: 'Lululemon (Shirt OR Shorts OR Sweater)'

  • Use quotation marks ("") to match an exact phrase. To search for exact instances of your search phrase (the same words in the same order), enclose your search phrase in quotation marks. Example: '"Red Adidas track pants"'

In many cases, these techniques can be combined or used in multiples to achieve desired results. For example, you can include multiple excluded terms by preceding each of them with a minus sign. You require multiple words by using AND in between each of several search terms.

ⓘ  Exclude Terms, Use Wildcards, or Match Exact Phrases

  1. Visit sell.terapeak.com and log in to Terapeak.

  2. Click Research -> Product Research 2.0 to start the Product Research 2.0 tool.

  3. Enter basic search terms, such as a product make and model.

  4. Modify or optimize your search as you continue to sift through results using the search advanced search techniques outlined above.

  5. Click "Search" to apply your advanced search parameters and update your results. 


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