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Save Your Favorite Terapeak Searches and Monitor Their Results

Terapeak's Saved Searches feature enables you to track product makes, models, or keywords on Terapeak without the need to log in and run searches manually.

Using the Saved Searches 2.0 tool, you can save your most-used Terapeak searches, then have their results periodically emailed to you.

ⓘ  Save Your Favorite Terapeak Searches and Monitor Their Results

  1. Visit sell.terapeak.com and log in to Terapeak.

  2. Click Research -> Product Research 2.0 to start the Product Research 2.0 tool.

  3. Enter basic search terms, such as a product make and model.

  4. Apply search filters and select your preferred date range. 

  5. Click search to generate results.

  6. Click the floppy disc icon to the right of your search keywords to save your current search. You'll be notified that your search has been saved. 

  7. Click Research -> Saved Searches 2.0 to open the Saved Searches 2.0 tool.

  8. Verify that your search was saved, and ensure that "Opt-in to weekly email" is enabled (shown in green) to receive weekly email updates. These show the most recent data data for each of your saved searches.


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