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See Whether a Product's Sales are Increasing or Decreasing

Items that are gaining popularity are good candidates for resale. Items that are falling in popularity are likely to be more difficult to sell or to involve higher levels of competitive or price pressure.

Use Terapeak to see whether an item is gaining or falling in popularity over time, to enable more informed pricing and sourcing decisions.

ⓘ  See Whether a Product's Sales are Increasing or Decreasing

  1. Visit sell.terapeak.com and log in to Terapeak.

  2. Click Research -> Product Research 2.0 to start the Product Research 2.0 tool.

  3. Enter basic search terms, such as a product make and model.

  4. Select a recent date range. Periods from 90 days to one year in length usually illustrate trends most effectively.

  5. Select the "Trends" tab once results are shown.

  6. Select "Items Sold" above the lower chart in the tab.

  7. Note increases or decreases in total revenue (gross merchandise volume) over time, and increases or decreases in items sold (unit volume) over time. Rising lines indicate increases; falling lines indicate decreases.


See this workflow on YouTube →

Understanding Trend Charts

If you find the trend charts to be confusing to read, keep the following points in mind:

  • If both lines are rising, the product is increasing steadily in popularity and in sales
  • If revenue is rising but items sold is falling, sale prices are increasing, possibly indicating supply that is short of demand (possible good opportunity)
  • If revenue is falling but items sold is rising, sale prices are decreasing, possibly indicating an excess of supply relative to demand (likely highly competitive and risky)

Using this basic framework can help you to evaluate the potential of any product you're considering selling.

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