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Find the Best Keywords to List a Product

The keywords that you choose to use in your listing titles directly affect your placement in eBay search results.

Use Terapeak's SEO tool you to quickly create titles that perform well in search, using data gathered from existing high-performing listings.

ⓘ  Find the Best Keywords to List a Product

  1. Visit sell.terapeak.com and log in to Terapeak.

  2. Click "SEO" in the navigation bar to open the SEO tool.

  3. Begin by typing one or two basic keywords that your item, such as its make and model. Press space after you type each word.

  4. After a brief pause, for SEO shows suggestions for related terms that perform well in search. These suggestions are based on a sample of existing high-performing listings.

  5. Click blue or green keywords that apply to your item to add them to the listing title.* Click on keywords in the listing title (shown in gray) to remove them once again. After each click, SEO will update the list of suggestions.

  6. After building a title that represents your item accurately, click the copy button on the far right, which looks like two overlapping pages, to copy the title to your clipboard. You can then paste the title into eBay listings or website product pages.

* Blue keywords perform well on eBay; green keywords perform well on Google. If you do not see green keywords, upgrade your Terapeak subscription to gain access to Google data.



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