Chapter 3 - How to get sourcing ideas from top sellers

Inventory ideas takes you a step further than the Sellers tab by showing you the best performing other products sold by the top sellers for your search. Here's how it works:

  • We find the top sellers for the product you're researching
  • We identify the top products sold by the top sellers
  • We show them to you, in a sortable list, with complete sales metrics

Use Inventory Ideas to generate new ideas for products to sell in your niche, or to keep additional tabs on your competition—both what they're selling and how they're performing.

Think of Inventory Ideas as a way to do quick and dirty competitor research on a lot of competitors and their products all at once, and all in the same sortable list.

To access Inventory Ideas: 

1. Select "Product Research 2.0" from the Research dropdown in the top menu. 


2. Conduct a product search, applying filters for date, eBay site, item condition and more as needed. 


3. Hit search. 

4. Navigate to the "Inventory Ideas (Beta)" tab.



5. Here you can sort by different metrics, viewing the top selling items for the sellers who also sold the item contained in your search. View these results to get inspiration for your store. Click the listing titles to be brought to eBay 


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