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Chapter 2 — See the Market Share of Top Competition

The Sellers tab in Product Research 2.0 enables you to measure the market share and pricing strategies of your top competitors. This helps you to understand:

  • How much supply is likely already in the market
  • How easy (or difficult) it will be to break into a new product area
  • How your product and shipping prices compare against those of others
  • Which product and shipping prices are currently leading to success

See Their Market Share Now

To see the market share of your top ten competitors now, follow these steps:

1. Start Product Research 2.0. Click Research -> Product Research 2.0 to start the Product Research 2.0 tool.



2. Run your search. Enter keywords for a product whose competition you'd like to research, then apply any filters, category preferences, or date range preferences necessary to refine your search. Data about sellers is based on all of the results returned by your search, so careful narrowing and filtering—for example, by category or price range—is important for accurate seller results.



3. Click "Sellers" to select the Sellers tab. This tab shows details about the other sellers that are selling the product(s) in your search.



4. Evaluate market share and sort by key metrics. You now see a list of the top-performing sellers for the products returned in your search. Near the top of the list is the share of the market controlled by the top ten sellers found. Click "Items Sold," "Average Shipping," "Average Item Price," or "Total Sales" to sort the list of sellers and see which sellers are in the lead for each metric.



5. Optional: Calculate individual sellers' market shares, specific averages, or other metrics. Copy top seller data to a spreadsheet like MS Excel or use a calculator application. Use these figures along with the overall sales metrics to calculate market shares for each seller in the list, calculate average prices only for the sellers with certain shipping policies or sales volumes, or perform other calculations relevant to your strategy.


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