Chapter 1 - Find the top performing listings and sellers

In Product Research 2.0 you're able to group all listings by item ID and identify the top performing listings within seconds. Use the "Group By Listing" tool to locate the most successful listings, then click through to the listing in eBay to learn more about the seller and their store. 

To find the most successful listing for a particular search: 

1. Go to Product Research 2.0


2. Conduct a search and apply filters as needed. 


3. Scroll down, and in the Transactions Tab, click the "Group By Listings" at the top right corner of the chart. 


4. Now you are able to see the top performing listings, sorted by "items sold". You are now able to sort the aggregated listings by any of the other metrics at the top of the chart. 


5. If you find a listing you'd like to learn more about, click on the listing title and you will be brought to the listing on eBay. Here you can investigate details like product photography, listing description, and more information about the seller. 



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