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Chapter 1 — Find Top Performing Listings and Sellers

The Transactions tab in Product Research 2.0 shows you the top performing listings that are competing against your own. Search for the products that you sell, identify the top matching offerings and sellers, then learn from them.

Find Top Performers Now

To find top performing listings and sellers now, follow these steps:

1. Start Product Research 2.0. Click Research -> Product Research 2.0 to start the Product Research 2.0 tool.



2. Run your search. Enter keywords for a product whose competition you'd like to research, then apply any filters, category preferences, or date range preferences necessary to refine your search.



3. Click "Transactions" to select the Transactions tab. This tab shows completed eBay sales, enabling you to sort the sales by key sales metrics.



4. Click "Items Sold" to sort by number of items sold. Ensure that the sort order shows the highest number of sold items first (click a second time if the sort order is reversed). You can now see the listings matching your search that have the highest number of sales.



5. Click on individual listings to view them. To learn more about a particular listing, click on its listing title to view it on eBay. Note details like product make and model, variations, included accessories, shipping and return policies, product photography, item description, price, and seller feedback. All of these play a role in generating sales.


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