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What is Terapeak's refund policy?

A: Terapeak does not offer subscription fee refunds. To avoid unwanted fees, please change or cancel your subscription as desired before your billing date.

Visit your subscription management area to change or cancel your subscription.

To find your billing date, change your subscription, or cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Terapeak.
  2. Click on the gear/sprocket icon at the upper-right.
  3. Select "Subscription Management" from the menu.
  4. Click "x" to cancel subscriptions or "+" to add subscriptions.


More Help

Tips to Avoid Unwanted Charges

Terapeak provides resources for all users to ensure that unwanted charges can be avoided:

  • Take advantage of our free trial offer to try Terapeak before you buy. Cancel before your first billing date if Terapeak is not for you.

  • Watch your email box carefully for annual subscription renewal notices and monthly subscription payment confirmations.

  • Manage your subscriptions and billing information by logging into Terapeak.

  • Note the billing date that Terapeak provides and ensure that you change or cancel your subscription as desired before this date.

For More Information

For complete details about Terapeak’s subscription-related policies, please see the Terapeak subscription agreement, to which users agree when they subscribe.

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