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Why are my scores so low in Sales Predictions?

Because Sales Predictions provides sale probabilities, the numbers can be confusing at first. 

Scores Below 50 Percent

Scores below 50 percent in Sales Predictions are common, and do not necessarily indicate a problem with your listing strategies. Many listings with sale likelihoods below 50 percent are still shown in green, to indicate a relatively high likelihood of sale for that category.

Keep in mid that Sales Predictions is providing a probability of sale within 30 days and not a "score" of your listing's quality per se. There are no circumstances in which a probability of sale in an eBay category is 100 percent (sale guaranteed) and scores over 50 percent are rare and quite good. 

Scores Below 10 Percent

Scores below 10 percent in Sales Predictions may or may not indicate a problem. A good rule of thumb is to compare the score for your product title and price to the average score for the category.

If your product's score exceeds the average score for the category, it may be that sales in the category are simply harder to come by due to the balance of supply and demand in that category.

If your products score is below the average score for the category, it is possible that you can improve the likelihood of sale for your product by selecting different keywords, reducing your price, or making other similar listing changes.

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