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How can I improve my Sales Predictions scores?

Sales Predictions uses a complex, tested statistical model to provide the likelihood that a particular listing title, at a particular price, will sell in a particular category within 30 days.

If the sale likelihoods for some of your listings are lower than you'd like them to be or lower than the category average for a product as provided by Sales Predictions, use the following tactics to improve your score:

  • Improve your keywords. Sales Predictions shows sale likelihoods for eBay.com, which is a largely search-based marketplace. The keywords that you use can make it either more or less likely that shoppers will find your products. Use more keywords that correlate more directly to search rankings and sales and your sale probability will increase. For data-driven keyword suggestions for a particular product, use Terapeak SEO
  • Lower your price. Because the Terapeak model suggests that in many categories, price is less critical than keywords when calculating the likelihood of a sale, changing your price is a secondary consideration. A lower price can still, however, impact the likelihood of sale for a product, particularly if many sellers are selling the product using the same keywords.

  • Change your listing format. Selling a fixed-price item in a category in which auction listings perform better (or vice-versa) can reduce the likelihood of a sale, and the model also takes this factor into account. If your score is lower than average for the category, consider listing the product in question using a different listing format, keeping in mind once again that better keywords are the most likely path to increased sale likelihood.

How do I test alternatives to see which scores the best?

You can test both keywords and prices using the "Single Prediction" tab in your MySales Dashboard tool, which provides a one-click test area for keyword and pricing changes.


  1. Click the "Single Prediction" tab on your MySales Dashboard.

  2. Enter a combination of keywords to test.

  3. Optionally enter a price to test.

  4. Click "Submit" to score the keywords and price combination that you just entered.

Once you have identified a combination of keywords and price that performs optimally for a particular product, make a note of the keywords and price that tested well.

Then, either use these when creating a new listing or update the keywords and price in your existing listing with your updated choices.

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