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Why is some of my inventory missing?

Sales Predictions is currently in beta-testing and some features and functionality are not yet complete. The tool is currently able to provide predictions for most active listings that meet the following criteria:

  • The seller account must be linked to Terapeak.
  • The seller account must be selected in Sales Predictions.
  • The listing(s) in question must be currently active.
  • The listing(s) in question must have been created after March 14th, 2017.

Listings that are not linked to Terapeak, are not currently active listings, and/or listings that were not created after June 16th, 2017 may not appear in Sales Predictions.*

To evaluate the sale likelihood of active listing(s) that do not appear in Sales Predictions during the beta period, use the CSV upload feature.

In the future, once beta-testing is complete, Sales Predictions is planned to provide predictions for all active listings.
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