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Use Sales predictions in combination with information from Product Research and SEO to decide:

  • Which products to sell or continue to sell on eBay.com
  • Which keywords to include in your listing title
  • What listing format to use for the best sale likelihood
  • What fixed price or auction start price to set

* Predictions are currently provided only for sale likelihoods on eBay.com, and only using prices measured in US dollars. Non-USD prices for active listings will be converted to USD before sale likelihoods are calculated.


Getting Sales Predictions for Products You Don't Yet Sell

To get sales predictions for products, follow these steps:


  1. On your dashboard, click the "Single Prediction" tab.

  2. Enter a listing title or series of keywords for the product that you plan to sell.

  3. Optionally enter a proposed price at which you plan to list the product.

  4. Click "Submit" to get a prediction for the product you've entered.

Repeat these steps for each product for which you'd like to receive a sales prediction.

Evaluating and Acting on Predictions

Your sales predictions appear as a percentages column near the right side of the Active Inventory tab on your dashboard: 


A prediction score will be shown for each item in your active inventory. To the right of each sales prediction, you'll also see the average prediction for all listings in the item's category. Hover over a prediction to see the category that was used to generate the prediction. Keep in mind that:

  • Scores in red or orange can be improved with changes in your keywords, price, or listing format
  • Scores in green are keyword, price, and format combinations likely to perform well
  • The difference between your score and average score shown for the category indicates your likely sales performance relative to other items in the same category

To increase the likelihood that an item will sell, adjust one or more of the following:

  • The listing/product title and the keywords that you have used to describe it (most important)
  • The price at which you're selling (less important)
  • The listing format you use or plan to use (less important)

How Predictions are Calculated

Predictions are probabilities based only on the recent performance, in the category shown, of:

  • The keywords in your title
  • Other items at your price
  • Other listings using the same buying format
  • Other items in the same condition

Of these, keywords often have the largest impact.

Sales Predictions uses a carefully tuned model of eBay category performance to calculate the sale probabilities that it returns.

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