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Why don't lower prices improve sales predictions very much?

Sales Predictions uses a complex, tested model to evaluate the likelihood that a particular product title will sell at a particular price, in a particular category on eBay.com, within 30 days.

The statistical model involved closely reflects realities on the eBay.com marketplace.

eBay is a Search-Based Marketplace

Because eBay.com is a search-based marketplace, the biggest influence on the likelihood that your product will sell is the combination of keywords that you choose. It is these keywords that eBay will use to rank your listing in search results, and that will match (or fail to match) shopper searches.

For this reason, the Sales Predictions model effectively weights keywords more heavily than price, listing format, or item condition when calculating sale likelihoods.

In some categories in which the products being sold or the keywords being used are shared amongst many sellers, price may have a more significant effect. In other categories, price may have only very small effects on sale likelihood.

Try Improving Keywords Instead

If you are attempting to improve your sales predictions and are struggling to affect sale likelihoods by adjusting prices, consider experimenting with new keywords instead. Use Terapeak SEO to get data-driven suggestions for new keywords to try.

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