eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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Can I use Terapeak on my phone or mobile device?

Yes. There are two easy ways to access Terapeak using your phone or mobile device: by using the Terapeak Mobile app, or by using your device's web browser.

Install Terapeak Mobile for iOS or Android

The Terapeak Mobile app for iOS or Android is designed to provide rapid, lightweight, convenient access to Terapeak on the go. Use the app for basic tasks such as:

  • Product pricing
  • Evaluating sales volume
  • Viewing product images
  • Seeing basic sales data by scanning barcodes

Search for "Terapeak" in your device's app store or visit and download the Terapeak Mobile app directly by clicking below.


Use Your Browser for the Full Terapeak Experience

The full web-based Terapeak application uses "responsive" technologies and has been designed to work well on mobile devices and screens of all sizes. To use the web-based Terapeak experience on your mobile device, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Start your device's web browser.

Step 2:  In your web browser, visit https://sell.terapeak.com.

Step 3:  Provide your email address and password to log in to Terapeak.

Step 4:  Use Terapeak as you normally would.

Create a Terapeak Icon on Your iPhone or iPad

If you prefer to use the full Terapeak experience on your iPhone or iPad, you can create an app launcher to make it easier to start Terapeak when you need it. Here's how.

Step 1:

Follow the steps above to start Terapeak in your mobile device's browser. Once Terapeak is loaded, tap the share button at the bottom of your Safari window.
Step 2:

When the pop-up dialog appears near the bottom of your screen, type "Add to Home Screen" to add the current website (Terapeak) to your home screen.
Step 3:

If you prefer to change the name of the icon, you can do so now—or tap "Add" to create the icon on your home screen.
Step 4:

With the Terapeak icon now present on your home screen, tap it whenever you want to instantly log in to the full Terapeak experience on your iPhone or iPad.
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