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Can I see image thumbnails for listings older than one year?

Because of the very large number of images used in e-commerce every day, the availability of images in Terapeak research data is not guaranteed. Images that are unlikely to be seen, or that are likely to be only rarely seen, may not be retained. Factors that may affect and image's availability include: 

  • Age of listing (images for very old listings are less likely to be retained)
  • Popularity of listing (images for high-traffic listings are more likely to be retained)
  • Number of sales (images for multiple-sale listings are more likely to be retained)

In general, the following is true for listing images in Terapeak data, based on the age of the listing: 

  • Previous 90 days: Nearly all images available
  • 90 days to 1 year: Many images available
  • 1 year to 3 years: Most popular and/or multiple-sale images available
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