eBay has acquired Terapeak.

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3-year research is Terapeak's newest research package. 

In this package, you will gain access to three full years worth of transaction data in Product Research 2.0. 

This package has been introduced so that users are better able to see seasonal trends or find rare items over a greater timespan. To sign up for 3-year research click here

To conduct a search

  • Go to Product Research 2.0
  • Enter your search term
  • Apply filters to your search
  • Select a time frame anytime within the past three years. 
  • Click search. 


Can I search for a full three years at once?

Yes. The calendar will automatically select the range between the first and second date you click. Terapeak will remember this preference the next time you do a search.  Please keep in mind that a full three-year search may take longer to return results.

Will I be able to see all of the photos from the past three years?

No. Thumbnails are consistently available for the past year and a half. In some instances, you will continue to see thumbnails prior to a year and a half. This is because the listings generated a lot of traffic and eBay's algorithm saw value in retaining the information in their databases. 

If I have 3-year research do I need the basic Research package? 

Yes, having the Research package is a prerequisite to having access to three years of data. If you do not have the Research package you'll have to add it prior to signing up for three years of data. 

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